Community resourses

Community Resources

We’re dedicated to assisting you in providing your pets with exceptional and affordable care. To achieve this, we’ve carefully selected a range of resources aimed at answering your most common queries. Given our emphasis on Utah County, we strive to recommend local resources as much as possible, ensuring relevance and convenience for our community.

Low-Cost walk-in Vaccinations

At this time, low-cost vaccinations are hard to find in Utah County. We believe Cuddles is the only one that offers these without a vet wellness check. Here are some in Salt Lake County that are worth visiting.

  1. Cuddles Vaccine Clinics
  2. Best Friends in Orem (Closed to the public at this time)
  3. PetVet (Tractor Supply)
  4. Humane Society of Utah
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Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

At this time, low-cost spay/neuter is hard to find in Utah County. Here are some places that offer low-cost spay/neuter that may be in other counties.

  1. Cuddles Low-Cost Spay/Neuter
  2. Best Friends in Orem (Closed to the public at this time)
  3. Humane Society of Utah
  4. Salt Lake Spay/Neuter
  5. Orchard Animal Clinic

Low-Cost dentals

We know how hard it is to provide essential dental care for our pets with how pricey it can be. Here are a few cheaper options if your pet is in need of a dental. 

  1. Gunnison Valley Animal Clinic
  2. Nuzzles and Co

where to surrender your pet

We understand that sometimes things happen, and you need to rehome/surrender your pets. 

Utah County:

  1. North Utah Valley Animal Shelter 
  2. South Utah Valley Animal Shelter


Salt Lake County:

  1. Humane Society of Utah

food + litter assistance

If you’re in need of food + Litter or other essential items for your pet. 

  1. Celestial Zoo Pet Pantry (Fill out this form for assistance)
  2. Best Friends in SLC (Currently only offering help for community cats)
  3. Humane Society of Utah


Feel free to reach out to your local rescues and shelters. Most may be willing to help if they are able.